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    THE GREAT PLAN ........ 




    We have discovered that we cannot change the past, present or future.


    Using our imagination again, Preventatists envisage that there exists a plan.

    An enormous, vast, eternal plan for all things; every atom and molecule of the entire universe being exactly where it is supposed to be at all times.

    Such a scheme would be providing for all events and thoughts; every concept and action; each person and their experiences, all contributing to planned outcomes, towards a planned conclusion.

    We can all think of events which have contributed to some outcome we have witnessed. How someone or something had to happen before another event could take place.

    Perhaps  you could think about an example of this plan working in life that you have experienced?

    Here's a story to try to illustrate the idea


    Consider a youngish woman, we’ll call her Emma, and has just got a job as a senior manager with an international company.

    Big step-up in income.   YOUNG WOMAN 1

    She has moved to a cottage in a country area not far from her office, and has been at the job for a few months, but is still getting used to the road into work.

     She drives a small but feisty car, having no living-in relatives.

    For a morning in which she has an especially important meeting, she has set her alarm the night before to wake her at 6.30 am., to get her to work at 8am, and time to prepare in the office.

     The alarm has a battery supplied by the manufacturer, and the battery was a cheap version.

    During the night this battery runs out of power.   The alarm stops at 2.47am.

    She wakes at 7.38 am and realises she is late. A quick shower and dress, no breakfast, into the car and off down the narrow country road.



    Two miles away, Jack gets the dog ready for its regular morning walk down the lane from his cottage. He doesn’t notice that the lead is frayed.

    Just down the road a while, the dog sees a rabbit through a hedge on the other side of the road.RABBIT


    The dog lunges and the lead breaks, propelling him at speed across the road.

    Emma, going too fast because she’s late, sees the dog and swerves, hitting the only tree on that side of the road at about 93 kilometres per hour.  

    The tree has a substantial trunk, and the car is a write off.  CAR HIT TREE

    So, tragically, is Emma, since in her rush to work, she forgot the seat belt.

    Why did all these things happen?

    The company supplying the alarm clock, for reasons of economy, chose a battery which had a short life.

    Emma liked the appearance of the clock and purchased it a week ago in preference to another one she was offered by the retailer.

    The molecules in the battery's chemicals lost all power at precisely 2.47am, so that Emma was not woken at the time she had set.

    Jack had to decide to take the dog a little earlier than usual, as he had an appointment to see the pension people about his retirement package.

    The dog’s lead had frayed through regular use, and the molecules which made up the leather had lined up across the width of the lead so that they were weak at that point.

    A rabbit had to appear through the hedge on the far side of the road, because several insects had eaten a section of hedge and its leaves which allowed the dog to see the rabbit.

    The lone tree had to plant itself at that place, and just the right number of years ago, so that it was sturdy enough to receive Emma’s car and seriously damage it.

    If the tree had not been precisely there in that spot, Emma's car would have gone harmlessly into the field beyond as she skidded.

    As a result of Emma’s death, another employee was given temporary access to the job and made such a success at it that she was confirmed in the position by the company. 


    Ian was a paramedic who collected Emma’s body, AMBULANCE1delivering it to the morgue at the hospital, and he met Jane, a clerk at the hospital. They fell in love and were married shortly afterwards and remained so for many years, raising two children.

    The insurance company paid out the value of the car to Emma’s estate, and this, plus the proceeds from the sale of the cottage was probated to a distant relative of Emma’s who had not met her, but used the money to fund a new boat. This put the profits of the marine retailer into a taxable bracket for the fiscal year, so he had to get an accountant…………… and so on...and on.


     These events were either planned or were random. But each tiny event had to happen or the outcome would have been totally different.

    Where such a plan originates, or how it is controlled is beyond anyone’s conception. This might equate with anyone’s religious beliefs.

    Preventatism has been accepted by people of many religious structures, together with those people who are called agnostic or atheists.

    In the past, people who claim to be Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs and others, have accepted the Preventatists principles as comfortably fitting in with their own personal beliefs, and have achieved better health and wellness.

    This seems a logical belief, since we cannot change anything except our perception of things, (which alters nothing in reality).

    Therefore, whether there is a plan or not, accepting the belief that there is such a scheme, fits in with the reality of our knowledge of time.

    Whether or not there is such a plan is irrelevant. It is what we believe to be the case that is important to our health.

    These things are not religious dogma, simply practical steps towards better health and wellness.

    If we are mistaken in this concept, then the alternative is that there is chaos, and all things are random and happen by chance.

    This of course, is much the same as a recognition of there being a great universal plan, since in either case we cannot change anything!

    Here is another thought about the concept of this plan.

    Over the past five generations, your ancestors numbered sixty-two people. Each of these people, most of whom you probably don't know anything about, had sex, and eventually created you. Fact. 

    Each of those people, produced one cell to create the next generation. Fact.

    The men produced an example of the smallest cell in their bodies, the sperm, and the women produced an example of the largest cell in our bodies, the ovum, visible it is said, to the naked eye. Fact.

    Each of these 31 men, produced around three hundred million sperm, only one of which managed to impregnate the ovum. Fact.

    All these ancestors of yours needed to survive war, flood, famine, drought and disease, to be able to produce you. Fact.

    If any one of those people had produced another cell, you would not be here today. That is either chance or a plan, and nobody can be certain which.

    It makes no difference which version you believe in since you could not change it, nor could they. We just think it's much more comfortable to think it's all a plan.

    We happen to think that an acceptance of the plan idea is more comforting and simpler than chaos! It also fits in with events and outcomes that we have witnessed in the past, where parts of the whole needed to come together so that consequences could occur.

    We can then say of any event, “It is all part of the plan ….. I cannot change it ….. but I am safe”.

    The "If only.." concept also loses its power and has no relevance with this belief.

    The automatic defence that we call fear will protect us from real danger.

    A belief in the concept of a Grand Universal Plan will deter the anxieties which may arise from imaginary danger.

     If we are right about this, then it means that you can never make a mistake, because you are only doing what is part of that plan ....... society may call it a "mistake" just to give it a label, but it is what you were supposed to do for some reason. The thoughts which lead to "mistakes" are also part of the plan, just like the changes in ideas that you think about ........ all arranged. The concept of "Luck" is a human based idea, since if there is a plan, all is arranged for everthing, and "luck" remains, just that, a concept not a reality.


     You can now read the next segment in our principles:  Yourself    


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