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    It's time to think about Time   



    The things we have been talking about in previous sessions, are methods that have been shown to be functional and effective for the purpose. They will cost you nothing for their use. 
    The reason we are talking about these things, is to offer you the opportunity for better health and wellness throughout your life.
    Your life consists of periods of time, and we would like to introduce you to some ideas about time itself, which will assist in your pursuit of better health and wellness, which will result in enhanced happiness!
    We think of time as a river.   RIVER4
    A small river, narrow and not very deep, but always flowing and never stopping.
    We see it flowing from a hidden place called the future.
    The place cannot be seen from your castle, therefore you could for example, imagine the river flowing over some falls in front of your castle’s moat, or from around a hidden bend, coming from an unseen place.
    When it reaches your castle, we call it the present.
    The river of time becomes the present as it flows, perhaps, under a bridge within your castle.
    Remember, you can construct any situation you prefer in your castle.
    From under the bridge, the river of time flows away into the past.
    Looking back down the flow, and into the past, the river never stops, carrying its memories away from the present.
    The past is no place to stay.
    The advantage of this view is that one can look at the bits of the past that are pleasant to you, and ignore the parts that are unpleasant, letting them sink under the flowing water!
    The past cannot be changed, since once it has passed the bridge of the present, it is untouchable and unchangeable.
    We presume that you will agree that the past cannot be changed?
     You can certainly change your perception of the past, of course, but the reality of the past cannot be changed.
    The present is a bridge upon which we suggest you stay. It can be within your castle in some way that you design.   You could, for example meet with your Guardian in this place.BRIDGE BY RIVER
     The river of time constantly flowing through the present cannot be changed.
    The reason for this is that the moment of time we call the present passes too swiftly to be changed.
    The moment the water in the river comes to the bridge, it becomes the past, flowing ever onwards. 
    The river flows from a place we call the future. 
    Nobody can see what will happen in the future and it cannot be changed for one simple reason. It does not exist. 
    There is no place called the future. It exists only in our imagination. It is a function of our ability to conjure up scenes which are not real.
    Therefore, it can be changed only in perception or hope within our imagination.
    The danger of straying into the past or the future, is a tiny word that is ......“If”.
    In the past, it becomes “If only…”. In the future it becomes “What if ….?”.
    In some cases, these expressions can be beneficial or bad for our health.
    For example, “If only such and such had not happened” is a thought that can be stressful and become unhealthy. It might also yield some thoughts which can be beneficial to us in our thinking, provided that it creates no reaction from our Guardian in trying to defend us from a danger which does not exist. 
    The thoughts related to the future: “What if I did this or that?”, or, “Suppose this or that happened?”, creates our power of reasoning and planning, which is the great benefit of our imagination.
    However, “What if I fail at such and such?” may very likely be stressful to us and regarded as a danger by our Guardian.
    Understanding how the river of time flows and its effects is crucial to our appreciation of ourselves and where we are in relation to time itself.
    Using the power of our imagination benefits us greatly, especially the concept of staying in that imaginary place, the present.
    We cannot change the reality of the past, the present or the future. 


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