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    These articles are about using imagination to defend against the imaginary dangers which can be created by our imaginations!

    We shall talk about the Manager of your castle.

    In Preventatism, we personify what is strictly a natural sequence of actions, but which also has great benefits resulting from the creation of a personality.

    We name this important person our Guardian.                  ENGINEER GUARDIAN

     This part of you has all the keys to your functioning as a human being. You can create a part of your castle in which you can find your Guardian.

    Developing and visualising your version of this important entity, is vital to the success of your defence.

    You can think of this person as a male or female, real or imaginary. The creation of the person is entirely your responsibility.

    Once having created this person, one can begin, in imagination, to talk with him/her, to maintain health and wellness.

    (Curiously, scientific studies have found that the talking to yourself benefits the health of the individual doing it!)   



    To offer a bit of perspective here. Imagine if someone says to you something like: "Could you come and look after my business for a fortnight while I take a break please?". The business is something that you have no experience in, but you are committed to assist this person. You will try your best to keep the thing going, but at the end of fourteen days they will return and find chaos!" 

    This is an analogy of the situation with your Guardian in your body, trying to defend you from imaginary dangers but without any formed system to do the job, or experience to assist,  but having an unremitting need to help. So chemicals can get moved about randomly, some of which happens in the case of real dangers. Such unplanned actions lead to ill health.  

      It should be remembered at this point that within each human, the maintenance of health and wellness is a process being carried on automatically.

    Creating this imaginary person, your Guardian, within you, is simply finding a simple, and effective way to communicate with a part of you which has always been there, has immense powers within you, and is devoted to your safety, beyond all else, and should be regarded by you as the most important person, having such abilities to affect your health and wellness.

    Being attempted here is your continuous defence from the stresses of life which can disastrously affect your health and wellness.

    There is a simplicity in this endeavour.

    The objective is to convince your Guardian that you are safe. Safe always, in all circumstances outside real danger. That there is no danger facing you from imaginary sources.

    This will ensure that no actions will be taken to try to defend you against those imaginary dangers we call stress.

    Your five sentries on the towers of your castle will watch and act automatically should real danger attend, and your Guardian will react, to get you out of danger.

    Dangers created by your imagination must result in responses from your Guardian, trying to defend you from those non-existent dangers.

    It is this random, turbulent, chaotic, and ultimately damaging action by your Guardian, that is a threat to your health and wellness, and must be avoided.

    We have a verse, which sets all these thoughts into perspective:


    My Guardian, deep and vital inside me, I love and respect you above all others. Protect and maintain this, my body, and defend me from all natural dangers.

    In return, I shall always try to guard and shield you from imaginary dangers and the unwelcome emotions and feelings of other people.

    Maintain my mind and body more completely, and keep me healthy, because then I shall be able to help anyone I choose, and offer them unconditional love, friendship, and respect.

    Help me to do these things by keeping safe and available for me, all the ideas I have learned.

    As always - I thank you; I am safe.

    Try now to construct this person – your Guardian - in your imagination.

    You can expect this construction to take a little while, until you succeed in a form of intimate communication with this part of you.

    Attempt a communication in an imaginary way. If you succeed in this, you will not regret it!

    You will find that this communication will become a continual and regular part of your life and will benefit you in many ways.

    In imagination, you can meet, and communicate with this vital part of you, in any situation within your castle you choose to create, or becomes necessary.

    It is a continual process, aimed at maintaining your health and wellness.

    Never treat yourself with disdain or embarrassment in attempting all this, and certainly avoid dismissing or insulting any part of your body.

    It is necessary to keep your requests to your Guardian within the bounds of possibility; in other words to remember that there is no magic involved here. 

    Your Guardian can only perform those tasks it already knows how to, but these abilities are amazing in their complexities and outcomes.


     Assuming that you are still with us, the next session is talking about Time.     Click here




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