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    Our imaginary defence strategy or mechanism begins with an illusion of the human body as a castle.

    A castle was constructed to defend a place or group from outside attack and seemed to be a useful idea to begin constructing a person’s defence.

    (It should be kept in mind that everyone has a unique imagination and therefore stress reaction. This is one of the reasons why researching stress and its effects is so difficult for science. Scientific research needs stable and reliable bases to start from!)

    So, each person begins by constructing their own castle, either from experiences or just from pictures of castles.

    Castles have similar features. High walls and strong gates defended by drawbridges, a moat and bailey and an inner keep.

    The word 'castle' comes from an English word 'castel', which referred to a village. Some villages were fortified, with walls to keep attackers out, but in times of peace the village expanded outside the walls, leaving only the central part fortified.

    In our Preventatist castle, some people are allowed inside the gates in imagination, and they are selected by each person. These people are allowed inside the outer parts within the walls, but never to be allowed inside the inner keep.

    Only the individual imagining this castle can enter this part. The people allowed in, are usually relatives and close friends, but can be ejected by the castle owner anytime if they cease to be wanted there.

    The numbers of people in this outer part of the castle, is entirely up to the individual. The whole world may be invited in, or only a few.

    When a person is constructing this imaginary place, the mind in imagination can do whatever it likes in building it. Over time, it might become a design that can be changed if you want to.


    In imagination, the castle has staff including, for example, five guards, guard 2who watch from the highest parts of the castle. They represent touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell, and are continually on watch for attackers -real dangers – to the castle.

    Within the castle there are millions of rooms. These represent the cells of the individual and must be continually serviced. They need to have oxygen delivered to them every two minutes or so, food supplied regularly, and waste taken away.

    As these rooms (cells) age, they need replacement or maintenance, so that a huge body of servants supply all this work living and labouring in this castle.

    To manage the whole structure there is a castle manager, and it is this imaginary person with whom the individual owner of the castle needs to communicate.

    Once a person has constructed this imaginary place, it tends to take care of itself, but remains in the background of the person’s imagination. After all, it has all been going on since the person was conceived!

    Remember the ideal. To defend against those stresses of life in an effective and capable manner, so that unwellness is not allowed to start.

    Please try now to construct your refuge, your castle in which you can live and enjoy your life.

    Try it. If it works for you …. great! …….. If it doesn’t, don’t despair, just keep looking for the system that suits you best.



    If you are ready, go on to the next segment, where we talk about managing your castle.   Click here





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