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     We need to think about and understand “Fear”

    Fear is an essential part of you, and all humans; and we should be very grateful for the fact that we have it!   It is not an emotion.
    The media continually misuse the word “Fear” and use it instead of “Anxiety”. 
    NEWS 1
    Quite possibly, the media use this word because “Fear” has more of a catchy ring to it! 
    We should not be afraid of “Fear”
    Fear is our basic protective instinct, millions of years in the making and as old as life itself. Any creature who possesses no instinctive fear is not with us today.
    Our “Fear” response is tagged to our five senses…. Touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell.
    If one, some or all of those senses is presented with a real danger to the individual, the response swings into action, and is in place before the person even knows what the danger is!
    One of the most common fear responses is the sight of a snake. This will bring on a fear response, faster than the realisation that a snake is present.    BROWNSNAKE
    The idea is to remove the individual from the danger as fast as is possible. The reaction is just amazingly fast, and is centred on flight, or if that is not possible, then fight.
    You will realise that the body’s responses are based on muscles, legs, and arms. RUN! 
    FEAR 2
     [We realise that this fear reaction will be modified in individuals depending on their contact or connection with snakes. For example a herpetologist will have a small fear reaction and then change that to interest and/or action to control the situation.]
    Muscles in a hurry need extra oxygen and food. So does the brain. The brain needs to organise chemical messengers to prompt all this speedy work being done. …. More thinking to do!
     LUNGS 1
     Lungs must take in more air by breathing faster and deeper.
    The storehouse – the liver – releases extra food into the blood to be carried to where its needed. LIVER 1
     To carry these supplies to the muscles, speedily, requires increased heart work … pressure and rate of pumping, with more blood being released to do the carrying work. Arteries need to be expanded to carry the extra blood faster to where it’s needed.
     Any body systems which are not concerned with this effort, are temporarily shut down.
     This shutdown includes the digestive, reproductive, and immune systems.
    But the closure is only for as long as the real danger lasts. In most cases a few moments. Then, automatically, the systems start up again, and all the responses close; peace and normality returns!
     It has become commonplace to say "fear" when we mean "anxiety". 
    For example:  "I am afraid that I cannot meet you today"; or "I'm afraid my car has run out of petrol".
    Such statements have nothing to do with a real fear and confuse the issue with fear and anxiety.
    Now ask yourself…..… "When did I last experience FEAR ?"

    The answer, quite possibly, is,  “…not for some time maybe.... driving a car in heavy traffic..?”

    Do not be afraid of fear.   This great instinctive response has been evolved in humans, and has protected us, for millions of years, so that we are who we are today.

    Our human imagination is a prime asset, but also a fearsome enemy to our health and well-being. Harnessing the destructive elements of the imagination, is what Preventatism is designed to achieve.


     We should be eternally grateful for this wonderful, precise, and automatic miracle which has allowed us, and many other creatures, to survive for millions of years…we think that creatures who have no fear are no longer with us.    


    We hope that you will want to learn more ......... the next section is about Imagination.  Click here





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