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    This is Preventatism .......DAWNA new age dawned over half a century ago, when the developers of Preventatism recognised the dangers presented by stress.

    The following thoughts were developed by those experts in stress, to assist you to lead a healthier, more satisfying life .................... read on .......

    "Prevention", to us, means "Don't let it begin"....and not ...."Early diagnosis"

    Prevention” to a Preventatist, means “Not allowing a disorder to commence”, and not, “Early diagnosis”.

    Obviously, early diagnosis is important, but Preventatism seeks to keep individuals out of the “unwellness” system.

    There is a certain inescapable logic to Preventatism and its theories.

    Observing people, and their lives, over more than half a century, we are convinced that the stresses of life will set up the conditions for disorders and unwellness in humans.   GRIEF

    As experts in stress, based on this long experience and observation, we propose that these are the main sources of human disorder:






    Disabilities caused by accidents and mishaps.ACCIDENT 1

    Unwellness caused by over-eating; tobacco or alcohol use; drug abuse and so on. Disorders created by eating inefficient foods, or even poisonous substances.

    Events similar to broken bonescuts and abrasions to the skin; muscle and tissue damage. 

    We cannot predict accidental events.  We can try to prevent them, by care, planning and thought, but accidents will happen. Abuses of life-style can be changed but may cause disorders.

    ILLNESS 1Outside assistance is needed to reset bones, heal muscles and so on.   

    Stress can prevent or interfere with the body’s remedial work, so repairs may take a long time. 

    We have often dealt with this effect in our clinical work. 


    Preventatism can assist by removing the stress which interferes with the healing process.

    Preventatism was also shown by published research, to be twice as effective in tobacco abstention, as chemicals used for a similar purpose.




    These are diseases created by invaders;  for example, bacteria; viruses; spores; fungus; parasites............ VIRUS1

    Natural defence against these microbial invaders, has been developed over the millions of years of our evolution.

    Human imaginative stresses will interfere with our immune system, and, on occasions, shut it down, allowing these invaders to do their worst, unimpeded!

    Removing those stresses with Preventatism, allows our immune system full play to defend us against these invaders and create real health.


    #  GENETIC PROBLEMS:          

    Dysfunctions as a result of defects caused by the mutation of a single gene.

    Examples of these inherited genetic disorders, are cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anaemia, Tay-Sachs disease, phenylketonuria and color-blindness. There are many others. 

    However, our hypothetical thinking is that the inheritance of some of these disorders are resulting from the actions of an inherited stress response, and may be avoided.

    However, without proper investigation those hypotheses have to remain as such!



    Disorders created from an inability to defend against the attacks of our imagination, which creates the stresses of life.   

     We call these disorders, SRDs.

    Whenever we interfere with our body’s normal functions with stress, some part of our body will go into turmoil and chaotic functioning.

    Our defences rely on organised defence against attacks .... These are not external attacks, but simply our body trying to defend against our imagination, but without any developed method of doing so.  

    Result?  Chronic chaos and random disabilities. Self-abuse; for instance, tobacco use.

    We propose that most diseases and disorders are in this category, to include, among many others;  for example; cancer and depression, diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, and PTSD.

    Using Preventatism, our imagination is used to effectively defend us against incoming distresses and allow our body to function normally.

    Result: mental and physical health.

    If these proposals you have just read about are accurate, then it follows that much disorder in health;  might be avoided by dealing firmly and efficiently with stress.

    This is precisely what Preventatism was developed to do.           

     Preventatism is a prophylactic philosophy. 

    For generations the aspects of mental health and physical health were kept separate in terms of diagnosis, research and the medical personnel dealing with them.

    We proposed all those years ago, that these two parts of health were inextricably joined. Many people are now proposing similar, which is good. 

    We also note that some parts of the Preventatist principles are being taken up and used, and that is also good.

    However, the important aspects of our proposals are still waiting to be understood.

    Preventatism is non-medical, non-religious, and non-spiritual.  

     Want to learn more?   Keep reading...... the next article concerns fear..... Click here





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