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    Preventatism as a Philosophy

    Philosophy is about the way in which a person thinks,  how they think and what they think.

    We think that Preventatism is a philosophy because it is truly about the way in which a person thinks, in order to defend themselves against the inevitable incoming distresses, (IDs),  to their lives, and in doing so, to control their mind and mental resources, and prevent those IDs from becoming dangerous stress.  

    It is this principle which is the foundation in the maintenance of good health.

    "Good Health" means being able to do whatever you want to do in the way that you want to do it, without the hindrance of unwellness.

    Thought controls the body and its processes, so using Preventatism allows a free flow of thinking without the interference of life's IDs.

    Preventatism has no connection in its use, to spirituality, religion or medical processes.

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    The Preventatists Inc., and the Cancer Council

    The Cancer Council has a defined view about stress and cancer. It goes like this:

     "For centuries people have wondered whether there is a link between stress and cancer, but there has never been any solid evidence to support this theory. Most of the studies on this issue have looked at breast cancer, and more than 10 of these found no link between stress and the risk of getting breast cancer.

    Studies that have looked at all kinds of cancer, not just breast cancer, have also found very little evidence for stress being an independent cause of cancer. It has been asserted that there may be a link between stress and cancer because some laboratory studies show that stress upsets the immune system – and that an impaired immune system may increase the risk of cancer.

    There is stronger evidence that stress can have indirect effects because people who are under stress may do things that increase their risk of cancer – such as smoking or drinking too much alcohol. Good health habits that we know can help to prevent cancer, like eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and getting enough exercise, may also fall by the wayside if you are stressed."    

    The Cancer Council has a very impressive history when it comes to funding the work needed to help people who have succumbed to cancer, as well as early diagnosis and prevention.

    The Preventatists view starts by stating that we want to prevent cancer starting in a body, We have always had an opinion that stress and cancer are as interlinked as many other serious disorders in the human mind and body. We think that stress does not cause cancer, but the chaotic, random and indiscriminate reactions that stress creates in a body, sets up the conditions for cancer and other disorders to commence.

    Therefore, if this is true, then stress must not be allowed to create those conditions. But both the Cancer Council and we have only theory to hang on to. There are no definitive gold-standard studies proving one view or the other. However, in other parts of this site, we show some studies which are beginning to sway the jury towards our view, we think.

    We think The Preventatists theory has a logic to it which gives it some veracity; furthermore, it is a simple and economic matter to adopt Preventatists principles, so that health may be maintained.

    We are not at loggerheads with the Cancer Council, far from it............

    We are both Health Promotion Charities trying to assist the population to better health, and we need to co-operate in order to achieve this, and prevent the huge and increasing costs attached to cancer and its treatment, as well as the family intrusions and grief that the disease can bring.

    So....the only point of departure between us is stress.........we think there should be much more emphasis given to this subject, because we have been helping people to defend themselves against stress for decades.  Once The Preventatists can generate sufficient funds for the purpose, we shall be organising trials to prove our point......



    Distress is the 'precurser' to stress.  If we can recognise distress in our lives we can also prevent this distress from becoming stress.

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