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    Suggestion: Consider The Financial Aspects of using Preventatism

    Consider this:

    These figures are the approximate costs of three human disorders each year, in Australia:

    CANCER:              $    4,500,000,000 (1) Cancer Council Australia
    DEPRESSION:       $ 12,600,000,000 (2) BeyondBlue
    DIABETES:           $    6,570,000,000 (3)Colagiuri et al., 2009a

    Total:                  $23,670,000,000

    Twenty-three and a half billion dollars +!

    Each year! ....... plus.... these figures are said to exclude those costs that the individual has to bear.
    In the case of cancer, by the year 2020, the numbers of cases are said to possibly rise by 15%.

    • Suppose that Preventatists are right in their claim that Preventatism can prevent these three diseases.
    • Suppose we are right in only one percent of cases.

    The saving to the Australian economy could be in the order of.....
                           $236,700,000 a year.  

    The Preventatist Principles are not the basis for any religion, spiritual group, or sect.
    They simply form a philosophy or way of life which anyone can use to capture a good life for them.
    That is the key. These philosophic principles are a way of life, which, once adopted, permit any other form of human belief to be accepted and held by the individual.
    We believe, therefore, that if the individual has the ability to shield and defend themselves from incoming distress-potential, then personal wellness, balance, health and happiness will comfortably be the outcome.

    We believe that our philosophies and protocols, properly acquired and used, offer anyone using them, a way of life which can achieve a higher level of happiness in the individual, in a manner which is safe, systematic, efficient and economic.
    We have been told that recent studies have shown that meeting together in groups is the best way to keep the use of these philosophies in mind.
    When you think about it - it always has been!

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