Newletter Number Eight

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Greetings from the volunteers who manage The Preventatists Inc.,

  Another year comes to completion, and the World continues to turn.
 In the North of the planet, snow, cold and ice for the winter season, down here in the South, hopes for some summer sunshine and blue skies for the holidays… many of us on the beach.

Our job at The Preventatists is to help any people who are interested showing them how to defend themselves against the rising tide of stress in the World, which seems to be increasingly built on individual uncertainty, frustration, and a great deal of what seems to be poor management by those who have been entrusted with the task of “leading” the rest of us. 

Those of you who have followed us know that Preventatists have a slightly different view of stress than most, because we figured it all out a long time ago, and have developed an efficient, simple and effective defence against the incoming distresses, (IDs), of life, to prevent them turning into stress and starting up any of the SRDs (stress-related disorders), which can hit humans hard.  

We can’t avoid those IDs, they are inevitable, and seem to crowd around at this time of year, but they can be prevented from becoming stress, and ruining our lives with unwellness. That’s what Preventatism does.  Learn more

We are aiming to extend our assistance to anyone who wants to use Preventatism, but the old god money gets in the way. We are a small charity, managed by volunteers, and are continually trying to raise enough cash so that we can show more people how to make their lives safer, more comfortable and happier….no matter what or where.

From all of us here, we hope you will have a very enjoyable end-of-year, whatever you are doing, and thanks for your continued interest in our endeavours.

Best wishes from

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