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  Seven billion stories and counting

 There are many archaeological researchers and others who catalogue, investigate and comb through historical times and events, and provide a moving record of where we all have been through time. However, we have read that some people have said recently that the study of  human history is a pointless subject to learn or look at, since it has all gone and cannot be changed. 

Well, although that view is highly arguable, Preventatists believe  that if we can know where we've been, then looking at where we are in the present becomes more understandable.

This is certainly true about Preventatism, because so many of our successful ideas are based upon what we believe happened to humans in the long past, and which remains to affect us all in the present today, and can surely interfere with our health and well-being.

We realise that not everyone will be interested in this aspect of our techniques, but we are going to publish our historical thoughts as notes to explain our ideas for those who are interested. They will be available on our website in four parts; the first essay is at: http://thepreventatists.com/discussing-stress/143-studies-into-stress/416-an-history-of-us.html

Parts 2, 3 and 4 will follow  - details to follow on our Facebook page  here  Facebook


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