The Sixth Principle of Preventatism

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This is the sixth in the series, intended to acquaint you with the Principles and benefits of Preventatism....
Preventatism influences important facets of human life and can be summarised thus:

Physiology; the internal control activities, mechanisms and functions of life in the human body, so successfully evolved over millions of years. Preventatism teaches each individual how it is perfectly possible to have simple influence over one’s own physiology, and keep it in working order...believing that each of us has a better instinctive understanding of our own systems and can manipulate them to our own individual benefit, than can any other person. This single fact, once understood by a medical practitioner, can be a valuable asset in diagnosis and therapy.

Psychology; Preventatism teaches control over the mental characteristics of each unique human....the defence mechanisms in Preventatism are essentially functioning mental exercises used in the maintenance of our own health and well-being. They are intended as a simple, explicable framework, maintaining the health and wellness of attitudes and mental abilities. Once understood, psychiatrists and psychologists are able to employ these techniques for the advantage of those patients and clients to whom they are applicable.

Philosophy; Preventatism is a philosophy; it is truly a non-spiritual guide to life, and teaches a defence system for those people who wish to remain free of SRDs (stress-related disorders). The structure of Preventatism allows for a simple understanding of the world and each person's place in it.
Preventatism will not adversely affect normal mental processes, (indeed it can have the opposite effect by improving those processes). It has a unique benefit, and has advantages, by not affecting the individual's abilities to make decisions or to operate machinery, as may be the case with chemical interventions. Preventatism does not require quiet or a special place to be conducted; does not need special facilities or floor space; and once accepted and understood, it works 24/7 in defending a person's health and well-being. Preventatism is used in offices and steel foundries; schools, vehicles and farmyards.

These aptitudes of Preventatism, allow users to live in the world as it is, and not as they would wish it to be, enduring tragedy and boredom, disaster, opposition, comfort and conflict, among people of many differing agendas and demographic criteria, allowing those others to have and enjoy their space, in conjunction and interaction with our own, whilst defending themselves from inputs which may be antagonistic to health and well-being.

If the idea of such a usable simple and viable system appeals to you, please let us know. We are a tiny charity trying to promote an idea with massive potential for health and wellness, and any encouragement is most welcome !

 Our continuing best wishes to you and thanks for reading this.

On behalf of the Volunteer Management Board of The Preventatists Incorporated

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