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The Fourth Principle of Preventatism

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Hello Visitor,  


   From  the Volunteers who manage The Preventatists Incorporated.....this is The Fourth Principle of Preventatism

Our hope is to interest you in these principles, so that you may be encouraged to discover how to deliver Preventatism to others, in order that its ability to prevent SRDs (Stress-related Disorders), will be more widespread. There is no giant profit to be made from this endeavour, since there is no tangible product to sell. We simply posess a desire to reduce the impact of SRDs on the population, by taking out the increasing stress in contemporary lives which sets up those disorders.

 We would like you to know that these principles are generalities, seeking your interest, and should not be regarded as methodologies to present Preventatism. Preventatism is best delivered in a well-defined and tested manner, for which we have developed an educational course suitable for teaching others to deliver the modality successfully, and we are always happy to teach these things. It is one of our principle charitable objectives to gather sufficient funding to do this more widely.

In our first note to you, we wrote about the necessity to distinguish "Fear" and "Anxiety" from each other, and our second was concerned with Preventatism being a simple and practical philosophical idea, which applies itself to the physiological and psychological areas of human life, making continual wellness the objective. The third principle concerned the use of our human imagination.and introduced the concept of our personal Guardian.

In this fourth, we address the eternal idea of time and the way in which it is regarded by Preventatists, so that the idea of control in personal situations is normalised.   In this way, we express a simple concept of the way life is arranged rather than the way we would like it to be.    Preventatists regard time as river flowing from the future, beneath a bridge called the present and flowing away into the past. This is a philosophical concept which directly addresses the causes of stress and defends against those unavoidable and inevitable IDs (Incoming Distresses or Imaginary Dangers), of life, and prevents them becoming stress.

Water is wet.       Individuals know this to be "evidence-based" because they have found it to be so by simple experiment. It is therefore a fact generally known.   We propose that in a similar way, Preventatism is "evidence-based".     Each individual using the philosophy in Preventatism evaluates its efficacy for themselves and their own situation, since as a philosophy, it poses no threat to the individual. 

Preventatism is a simple, perpetual, non-spiritual defence methodology which requires no "time-out" after using it before, for example, driving a motor vehicle or making important decisions. It needs no special place, equipment or quietness. People working in steel mills or welding shops have used Preventatism.

In these writings to you, we acknowledge your level of attainment and we attempt not to unwittingly offend by simplicity; we seek merely to explain what we have found over decades of work and in so doing provide others with the opportunity to consider broadening the options with which to assist those for whom they care.

"If Distress wins, we all lose; if Distress is beaten, we win all"

 We welcome discussion!

Our continuing best wishes to you and thanks for reading this.
On behalf of the Volunteer Management Board of The Preventatists Incorporated
Brian Magrath C.E.O.  |  | Facebook

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