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    Discussing Stress

    studies into the link between diseases and stress

    Discussion: The Heart of the Matter

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    Australian experts have found a big increase in patients having heart attacks but who have no obvious risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, being obese or smoking. ( learn more).  Heart disorders are one of the Stress Related Disorders (SRDs) common to humans.

    To us, this is not at all surprising. We figured this out as theory, long time past.  However, in support of our theories, there have been numerous studies published over the past few years, which have identified stress as a major factor involved in heart dysfunctions.

    Now, as we have written elsewhere, many times over the decades past, stress will affect the heart of a person who experiences chronic stress, as well as throwing several other functions into disorder and chaos. This simply because the incoming distresses, (IDs),  of life which we all experience, cause our bodies to think that we are in some form of danger, but because we have not had emotions and imagination for as long as we have had the protective reaction we call fear, our bodies haven't a clue how to effectively protect us, and what to do and in what order to do it!   

    Fear is not a problem in a healthy person; anxiety can be.

    This results in total chaos in body functions, and especially when those IDs last over time, day in day out, the damage to our bodies can be enormous.

    Preventatists realised all this ages ago and developed Preventatism, which efficiently defends the body against those IDs, (which are unavoidable and inevitable in life), and prevents them becoming stress. Effectively, Preventatism is saying to the body, "I am Safe", and I do not need to be protected!

    So the answer is simple....learn and use Preventatism!




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