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    Discussing Stress

    studies into the link between diseases and stress

    Discussion: Stress and Breast Cancer

        We are interested in the comments made in the article published June 9th in "Medscape", which concerns the observations of Dr Monique Gary, a breast surgeon and specialist in benign and malignant breast disease at Grand View Hospital in Sellersville, Pennsylvania, USA. 

    Comments we find interesting are these:

    "Psychological stress and affective responses, including depression and anxiety, are known to produce neuroendocrine responses that can alter important immune, angiogenic, and inflammatory pathways in the development, progression, and control of cancer".

    "At the most basic cellular level, cells make mistakes when they are stressed, cellular mistakes get reproduced, and this leads to uncontrolled cell growth and to cancer,"

    "A rigorous analysis of studies that followed women for at least 10 years found a 50% increased risk for breast cancer in women who had experienced stressful life events and a twofold increased risk in those who experienced the highest-stress events".  (1)

    We are aware that the various cancer organisations in America and Australia, do not, as yet, accept that there exists any "strong" evidence for a link between cancer and stress.

    We, as Preventatists, have accepted this link between cancer and stress for decades, because of the factors implicated in cancer and stress. Preventatism is a way for anyone using it to maintain a level of defence against stress. 






    (1)  Citation: Psychological Stress and Breast Cancer: Is There a Link? - Medscape - Jun 09, 2017.Visit site here


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