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    Discussing Stress

    studies into the link between diseases and stress

    Discussion: Drugs and Preventatism

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    The use of Cannabis (marijuana) and its derivative tetrahydrocannabinol, have been much discussed lately in the media and social networks. The discussion has centred on its use in alleviating (or in some cases treating), disorders such as cancer, diabetes and ADHD, together with a renewed demand for the legalisation of the drug.

    There is a pharmaceutical version called dronabinol.    It is used to treat anorexia in people with HIV/AIDS as well as for refractory nausea and vomiting in people undergoing chemotherapy. It is said to be safe and effective for these uses. But there are declared adverse effects which are serious enough to impair normal life if they are experienced on taking the drug. link here

    Such discussion leads to a problem, in that cannabis, in its natural or pharmaceutical (synthetic) form,  is a substance which in overdose or continual use can be harmful and possibly lead to abuse and addiction, and can certainly impair activities like vehicle driving and machinery use, to dangerous levels.

    That last consideration is not the subject of this article. We are more interested in the effects of cannabis used to treat or alleviate the symptoms of several serious diseases, which also, (in our opinion), have serious and strong links to the effects that stress can have on human bodies.

    There seems little doubt that cannabis has a positive effect in these situations, and science will have answers as to why, but as far as we are concerned, the suggestion is that when absorbing THC into the body, the euphoria created, has the effect of reducing or even negating the effects of IDs (incoming distresses), in a person's life, and therefore preventing their transition into stress, while the drug is being used.

    But these effects do not alleviate or remove the problem causing the incoming distresses into that life!

    Preventatism was designed to provide a solution and defence to those IDs of life, and prevent them turning into stress, whilst enabling the individual to continue doing the things that his or her life calls for, safely and without a "drugged" effect.

    If you go and look at stress in this website, you will see the Preventatists ideas about stress and its effects.  But we are not recommending the use of THC derivatives at all, principally, because even the medicinal forms have declared adverse effects which should be avoided, and this is something which Preventatism does not have....adverse effects.


    However, the whole discussion tends, in our view, to add weight to our theories concerning the effects of stress and its connection to those serious disorders that we regard as stress-related.

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