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    Discussion: ....but if I don't live in Australia....How do I get to know Preventatism..?

    This is a good question...and one that we are working towards answering...!

    There are two ways....or at least, there will be two ways anyone can learn about Preventatism, wherever they are in the World.

    First of all, it must be remembered that not everyone can use the techniques we teach. This is usually because of some pre-conception about life which prevents an individual appreciating or understanding the principles...which are very simple but unique.  We reckon about 30 percent, 3 in 10, people would not be able to accept the principles and technique because of these reasons. 

    We are a small charity, with a very big idea, and one that works very well. We know this because we have seen Preventatism at work over many years. But we are not wealthy, and the charity is managed by volunteers. So if some people wanted us to present Preventatism in a part of the World away from Australia, they would only need to provide the cost of travel and accommodation for a presenter to visit for a couple of days, to deliver the techniques. After that, follow-ups may be done by electronic means.

    We are getting a package together which will permit us to train suitably qualified people to be Presenters for us, and in that case, they will be able to perform the task for us.

    We are also preparing a series of hard-copy items to deliver the basic principles to anyone who wishes to learn and defend themselves. This development will take a little longer, but hopefully completed this year.

    You can always contact us here, and discuss your needs with us.


    We hope this helps, and you find what you are looking for......


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