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    Discussing Stress

    studies into the link between diseases and stress

    Discussion: Stress and Preventatism in Parkinson's Disease,

    Back in 2002, we published a study concerning Parkinsonism and its connections to stress. The study was concerned with the matter of stress and its connection to the debilitating disorder Parkinson's disease.

    In this work, we pointed the way to a plausible cause of Parkinsonism as being an overworked dopamine-producing system in the substantia nigra, (up in the brain area), and the dual requirement of dopamine as a muscle controller and pre-cursor to adrenaline, (epinephrine).    In the human body, we understand that the cells which produce dopamine are relatively few in number, and therefore a chronic requirement or call to produce adrenaline, as happens in stress, may cause disturbances in the production from these cells, or even their dysfunction or destruction, and thereby lead to the classic symptoms of Parkinsonism.

    This all purely theory, but concentrated work with sufferers of Parkinsonism, by reducing the levels of their stress, seemed to have beneficial effects.

    Maybe, some of those people who could be in line for this horrible disorder might prevent it...... if they learned Preventatism

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