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    Preventatism as a Philosophy

    “   A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous and then dismissed as trivial, until finally, it becomes what everybody knows.” – William James

    Similarly to many ideas that are out with the scouts of progress, when the therapeutic and preventive philosophy now known as Preventatism was introduced in 1962, it was largely misunderstood.
    No one knew how to discuss it or relate to it on its own terms.
    There were no pre-existing, systems, therapies or paradigms into which his work could be neatly categorised.
    As a result, in the beginning, many tried to attach familiar and simple labels to the work – labels that in and of themselves often cast the work in inaccurate terms.
    The oddest description from a senior churchman was;

    “....there is no market for personal philosophies...”

    But now, many have used the ideas, and found them neat and workable, above all else, simple.
    Hence, successful. Safe, efficient and economic.
    As the rates of stress increase, the need for Preventatism becomes more vital.

    Philosophy is all about the way in which a person thinks,  how they think and what they think. It is about the important things of life, and how they interact with each other.

    We believe that Preventatism is a philosophy because it is truly about the way in which a person thinks, and responds to Life, in order to defend themselves against the inevitable incoming distresses, (IDs),  to their lives, and in doing so, to control their mind and mental resources, and prevent those IDs from becoming dangerous stress - particularly chronic stress, as experienced in grief, anger and regret,for example.  

    It is this principle which we firmly believe is the foundation of the maintenance of good health.

    "Good Health" means being able to do whatever you want to do in the way that you want to do it, without the hindrance of unwellness.

    Thought controls the body and its processes, so using Preventatism allows a free flow of thinking without the interference of life's IDs.

    Most of us are born with very capable and reliable bodies. Aside from physical accidents and events needing surgical intervention, human bodies know exactly what to do….if we allow them to do it.
    Unfortunately, our response system has not yet evolved sufficiently to manage imaginary dangers and difficulties; this is where Preventatism becomes a very necessary intervention.
    Rather than rush to donate your health and wellbeing to the overwhelming pharmaceutical industry, FIRSTLY  learn how to protect your very capable body from the intrusion of everyday distresses, because if they are left to fester, they soon downgrade your inbuilt protective systems and therefore prepare the ground for the development of disease and disorders.
    Preventatism is an all-encompassing philosophy which can be learnt and applied by anyone; poor or rich, disadvantaged or privileged, and anywhere in between, to maintain good health.
    Preventatism can assist not only in health, but in social interactions, leaving “self” less vulnerable and therefore more able to assist others.
    Practice of the Preventatist philosophy can be equally applied to co-operate with any medical requirements to further the positive outcome of these interventions.
    Preventatism is non-religious; non-spiritual; non-“product” based, and can be learnt by almost any age; Preventatism is a positive endeavour.
    Consider joining us........ here !
    The Preventatists Incorporated. We are working to reduce the incidence of serious disorders like diabetes, cancer, depression, anxiety and suicide wherever they are liable, by preventing the conditions in which these apalling disorders commence in humans.

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