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    The Principles Preventatism

     Getting to know Preventatism


    Preventatism is well tried and tested by the people who daily make use of it to keep their health and avoid unwellness.

    An SRD, is a Stress-Related Disorder. This means that stress created the conditions in the body, so that a disorder has an opportunity to attack the body.

     To understand these things, we need to understand what exactly is stress, and which disorders are SRDs

    Understanding STRESS 



     Understanding stress, .... begins by realising how our bodies defend us against incoming dangers. If our built-in defences think that we are in some danger, it will prepare us for GTFOOT (Getting ...er... out of there), or getting us ready to fight the incoming threat. We shall be editing an article on this subject very soon and be putting a link to this place so that you can access it.

    Stress is about dangers that do not exist. Except in our imagination. Therefore, any imaginary situation will lead our bodies to think we are in danger, and will prepare our defence. You can learn more about this in Principles One.


     Understanding SRDs ......  simply means thinking about any disorder of our body that is created inside our body. Also, any infection that is allowed to grow in our body because our immune system is compromised. VIRUSES 1

    If the marvellous reactions in our bodies are upset or stopped by an imaginary or real danger, then disorders and diseases have a chance to get in and start to grow. 

    Humans have evolved over millions of years, by developing an incredible immune system. 

    Your immune system has a big job in your body: It protects your body from incoming invaders. These are things like Bacteria,viruses, fungi, spores and parasites. In your body the immune system is in several places, (organs), and is organised by you. 

    As long as your immune system is running properly, we don’t really notice that it’s there. But if our immune system stops working – because our body is reacting to those imaginary dangers - stress- or it’s weak or can't fight particularly aggressive germs – a body can get ill.

    SRDs are any disorder that fits this description ..... so includes:

    • Depression (interference with delicate chemicals in the brain); 
    • Cancers  (unwanted growth and development of cells)
    • Digestive disorders ( unwanted interference with the digestive system)
    • Diabetes (Interference with the maintenance systems of the organs involved)
    • Lack of energy (An interference with proper maintenance and replacement of cells in the body)




     Some viruses or bacteria that your body has never seen before, might make a body ill. Some germs only make you ill the first time you come into contact with them. These include childhood diseases like chickenpox. However, an immune system working properly will defend against the invasion. Humans have survived for millions of years by developing this amazing immune system.

    But .... beware of stress!


     preventatist logo 03The principles of Preventatism start below ...........Read on .....







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