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    Discussing Stress

    studies into the link between diseases and stress

    Discussion: So...what is this Preventatism ?

    Preventatists are people who have embraced the principles of Preventatism as a way of life, a philosophy for well-being.                   As an important part of the belief structure in Preventatism, they believe that stress has to be avoided at all costs, since it can be very dangerous to health, (especially if allowed to become chronic),  because stress lays the foundations to interfere radically with the body's ability to keep healthy. The belief is that stress does not "cause" illness" but because it creates the conditions within the body for disorder, stress should be seriously and continuously avoided, and a sound defence used to prevent it. Preventatism is such a defence method. Unique, as it turns out. Preventatists deny the possibility that stress can be "good for you" as stated in some places.

    The distresses of  human life, are unavoidable and inevitable.     Preventatists refer to these distresses as IDs, or "Incoming Distresses".        IDs may be one or some of many inputs, emotional in character, for example, anger, hate, jealousy, rejection, grief and so on, and each can, if undefended, create the conditions for depression, diabetes, cancer, heart problems, and whole raft of other serious maladies, damaging to humans, as well as their individual environments and personal situations.

    It is important to understand that Preventatism is most definitely not a religion or spiritual endeavour, nor is it medically founded. Preventatism has been developed over decades of experience, as a simple, easy to follow method for the ordinary person to remain well and fit, therefore tending to maintain happiness and a level of comfort in individual lives.     Preventatism was created to be usable 24/7 in a person's life, without the need to enter particular mind-sets or meditative states, nor to need to use special places or equipment. It has no after-effects, such as quasi-hypnotic mental conditions, which some have warned about in using meditative techniques.

    In order to acquire the Preventatism method, it is best to learn it in a well-developed sequence, so that each simple part of the philosophy is acquired properly, with time to discuss and question. Intending this, workshops are available in various places around NSW where people can learn to use and benefit from Preventatism.

    There are many "spin-offs" in life-skills from the basic Preventatism, and these are learned and discussed at the regular workshops attended by people who have learned Preventatism.     Acquiring the knowledge of the Preventatism techniques does not take long, but needs to be learned in the way outlined above.

    Young people, from the age of four or five years have absorbed Preventatism, and many, now in their teens, are seeing how beneficial are the Preventatist concepts in defending them against the uncertain world of the young; school, college and so on.

    The Preventatists Incorporated, as an Australian registered Health Promotion and Education Charity, have also been endorsed, as a Deductible Gift Recipient.   We have a stated mission to present the concepts of Preventatism to a wider audience, in order to, (a) offer better living conditions to those who want them, (b) reduce the reliance of humanity upon external medication and its cost, but also (c) to try to place more order into the research world, where stress seems to be a difficult barrier for researchers to deal with, because of the unique nature of the effects of stress upon each individual. Research needs uniformity, in order to be seen as "evidence based".   We intend to spread the concepts of Preventatism, by holding suitable presentations domestically, and internationally, when sufficiently interested people want to learn about this valuable tool for health and wellness..





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