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    Discussing Stress

    studies into the link between diseases and stress

    Discussion: Preventatism and the Carers

    Carers are people at work whose employment puts them in close proximity to other people's troubles, problems or urgent needs, in trying to assist them in some way.

    It has rightly been written that anyone with this kind of job will take on board some of the other people's stress, unless they are defended. It is very true in any worker who has a big "case-load" and small decision making skill or level of authority.
    In addition to this vicarious stress, there exists the personal incoming distresses of the situations that are faced by these workers, which, if allowed to become stress and create the conditions for serious disorder.

    This class of occupation includes the teacher, college or university lecturer; police officer, paramedic, fire officer, a nurse; medical receptionist, a doctor lawyer or accountant; a worker in health or community assistance departments; a veterinarian; a psychologist or counsellor; a carer for a disabled person...... the list goes on.
    In particular are included those people who physically contact their patients - massage therapists for example - they can, we are told, take on their clients' problems through that touch! Defence in their case is doubly needed!

    And what do we find? Research papers indicate the quantities of stress-related disabilities in all the above jobs - often referred to as "burn-out".
    In many cases, there is added incoming distress from the administration which overarches the task, plus the need to watch for legal repercussions of actions by the carer.
    In these days of statistical needs, often an overloaded position has to produce extra data relating to the job for the use of higher authority; poor management or supervisory skills might add the burdens of the job.....more incoming distress.

    Preventatism has been successfully used to defuse the problem in many of these situations. Evidence has shown that the techniques in the Preventatism philosophy can strengthen a person's ability to handle a job with many incoming distresses...this means that the task does not have to be changed or watered down, the employee can become more adept and skilful at doing the job.

    Such a comfort in the job leads to an improved lifestyle, and probably greater happiness.

    The great thing about Preventatism is that it is carried with the person using it; there is no need for rooms where you break plates, or lay out yoga mats, or meditation places; Preventatism, once learned is usable 24/7.

    From an employer's point of view, this should be great news! Health insurers make notes!

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