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    Discussing Stress

    studies into the link between diseases and stress

    Discussion: Is Stress that dangerous?

    The body's reaction to real danger is well-documented, and has been evolved over many millions of years in all creatures, including humans.

    This vital reaction is called FEAR      

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    Preventatists propose, and believe absolutely, that fear is not an emotion. It is true that it has become commonplace to say "fear" when we mean "anxiety".
    For example: "I am afraid that I cannot meet you today"; or "I'm afraid my car has run out of petrol".
    These statements are nothing to do with a real fear and confuse the issue with fear and anxiety.

    Preventatists think of Fear as a specific, natural, automatic, and protective response to a real-time danger, identified and presented by one of the body's senses; touch, taste, sight, sound or smell. If a danger is sensed, it is acted upon by the body’s automatic responses, without reference to the person’s conscious mind, so that before the person knows that there is a danger, the body is already prepared to GTFOOT ... (Get The F..K Out Of There).
    This is the so-called "Flight or Fight response...NOTE: Flight is first!

    Fear is not an emotion...it is a natural response which has protected us from real dangers for all time.....

    In that instinctive "fear" reaction, many body processes are altered, and sharpened, some shut down,  to allow fast departure from the danger, or, if there is no escape, to provide sufficient power to fight the danger.

    All creatures alive today have this reaction. Those that did not have it, did not survive, for obvious reasons!

    When humans developed emotions and imagination, they created the ability for the mind to invent non-existent dangers.  

    Preventatists call these "Incoming Distresses"; IDs.

    These are "Dangers" with no basis in reality. There is no real danger presented by imaginary danger. But,  the task of the protective elements of the human body relates to protection at all costs

    As a result, all kinds of chaotic, random and meaningless reactions and changes occur in the body and mind, based on what happens in fear, but without the correct sequence or format of the fear reaction.

    In addition...imaginary danger can last days, weeks, years even...chronic...whereas the changes in real fear last usually only a few seconds or even minutes

    Preventatists believe that all stress is dangerous and should be strongly avoided.

    Stress creates random, spasmodic, and often chronic, chaos in a body.

    As the result of undefended IDs, stress can create the conditions that lead to diabetes, cancer, depression, several heart [cardiac], and digestive problems, in addition to many other serious disorders of mind and body.

    Recently it has been suggested that stress has the effect of tending to damage brain cells.


    Our human imagination is a prime asset to us, but also a fearsome enemy to our health and well-being. Harnessing and defending against the destructive elements of the imagination, is what Preventatism is designed to achieve.

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