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    Discussing Stress

    studies into the link between diseases and stress

    Application: There's no Stress like Show Business !



    The ASM (that’s assistant stage manager/dogsbody), stood in the wings with the prompt board in her hand. At her side, the famous comedian waited for the lead-in to introduce him.  .....Suddenly, the comic vomited, wiped his mouth with a paper towel and then ran onto the stage shouting a greeting to the audience.....................................

    ..Someone detonates a bomb in the auditorium of a concert, and people are killed and seriously injured.......

    Entertainers of many kinds experience the incoming distresses of theirprofession, which are unique and devastating if they are allowed to become stress.

    Comedians and solo vocalists especially. There is an imaginary danger lurking in the darkness of the auditorium which waits to swallow them up in humiliation and failure. The audience is unremittingly cruel and devouring…”…come on then…Entertain me..!!  Fail if you dare!

    This imaginary danger is, of course just that…imaginary, but tends to become chronic  and unless defended will become stress, and we have all seen how entertainers seem to succumb to stress-related disorders.

    On top of the anxiety of failure, (and until you become so well-known that agents are scrambling to book your act), there comes the continual seeking for work…..”where’s my next gig?”

    Stress of this type is common among entertainers; actors, singers, musos, dancers, comedians, and continues into the media and sport; TV presenters, reporters, football players, tennis players, cricketers and so on.

    The loss to the entertainment industry as the result of stress must be huge yet it increases.

    Preventatism can overcome these problems. Some people say that a person in the public eye needs the adrenalin rush of entertaining. Just go and consider that idea alongside our work on Parkinson’s disease, here, and note how many entertainers have gone down with Parkinsonism. We say that if an entertainer can learn and use Preventatism they will be just as talented as they ever were, in fact probably moreso without the stress of the job!

    Agents and managers, coaches and trainers please…PLEASE note!   Get in touch and talk to us.

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