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    Decide .... or get off the pot.!







    It really is ...Time to do it or get off the pot... !

    Australia is an oligarchy .. just like many other so-called democracies.

    That means we are ruled by a small group of individuals who have control of our country and its resources.

    The people …. you and me, and twenty-four million or so others,... don't get consulted about our wishes, opinions and needs. Nobody asks us what we actually want.

    Well... think about it ... do you get consulted by those who are supposed to "represent" you in State or Federal government . ?

    If you are happy to live this way, and carry on as before, then you have no reason to complain, ever, about the government and politicians.

    Because, after an election, whichever lot get into the seat of power, the same things will happen. History teaches us that.

    In our present system, a corrupt few are selected by an uncaring many, to rule us, and do what they think is right … often “right” for themselves..

    All this is not revolutionary....... we should not blame politicians.......they are simply using a system that needs changing... after 900+ years of abuse …. but only you can make that change.


    So-called Democracy - as we know it  -  is like a jet, that a load of ordinary, but self-seeking passengers get on, some of them being fairly incompetent, but calling themselves politicians.

    AIRLINER 1After elections, this jet takes off into the blue, taking those few people to exotic and cash-filled places, so that you are left behind, looking up at the sky for a few years, hoping for change, whilst some other people pick your pockets.








    So... if we are wasting our time here, trying to find ways to change things for us all, we'll pack up and go away.... it really is up to you... let us know what you think....... are you at all concerned?

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    Saturday, 04 April 2020
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